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About DermAtology Arts



Our Mission

Dermatology Arts’ mission drives us to create long lasting relationships through which we provide our patients quality medical and surgical dermatologic care. We individualize treatments, meet each patient’s unique needs, respect financial and insurance constraints, and honor sound personal requests. 

You will receive courteous, respectful, compassionate care focused on creating understanding of your condition and agreement for the treatment path. In order for us to do this well, we also expect our patients to be courteous, respectful and compassionate to our staff and to the situations of other patients.

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Our practice draws patients from Vancouver, BC to the North and Vancouver, WA to the South, Sequim to the West and Moses Lake to the East. Daily up to a dozen patients from Yakima and Central Washington visit us (we directly served patients in Yakima for many years), and we are often surprised to see patients who live and work in Seattle make the extra effort to come across the bridges. We’re humbled by the effort patients make to come see us, and we work harder because of it!

We build trust with our patients through intrinsic empathy for their situations, authenticity of our own principles and approaches, and from successfully communicating decision making logic.

One of a select few small, Local, independent dermatology practices

We’re dedicated to caring for patients how we think you should be cared for. We’re curious about the details related to your skin condition and will collaborate with you to investigate your best path.

We started out in a small house in downtown Bellevue, and in 2018, we moved within Bellevue to a location between Overlake Hospital and the Bellevue campus of Seattle Children’s Hospital. We’re at the corner of NE 12th and 116th NE with plenty of walk up parking. We’re on the 2nd floor and there is an elevator.


Got A rash?

We are distinguished by our focus on medical and medical-surgical dermatology services. We use a variety of approaches to allow you to achieve your most natural, beautiful, healthy self. We treat acne, rashes, skin cancer and many other conditions. Our dermatologists in Bellevue work closely with patients during initial visits, and then space appointments further apart once you've achieved your treatment goals.

Our staff and practitioners are kind, gentle, attentive, funny (well, sometimes!!), and are even said to be loving.

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Part of your community

We are deeply connected to our community and support local businesses big and small. We’ve trained at (and even teach at) UW. We fly Alaska Airlines on Boeing planes. We shop at Nordstroms, and at Costco, and well, yes, Amazon. We use Microsoft products, and play games on Xbox from Bungie and Valve and Pokemon. We buy bread from the Columbia City Bakery, eat Joe Chocolates, drink Starbuck’s Coffee, and Aditi Chai!

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