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Dermatology Arts is a modern dermatology practice with convenient locations in both Central Bellevue and West Yakima. Dr. Samir Master and Dr. Casey Carlos, our dermatologists, along with Liz Schuringa, ARNP in Bellevue, focus on medical and surgical skin conditions. We utilize a variety of modalities to help patients, are conscious of the costs of healthcare, and offer the best surgical and non-surgical approaches to many conditions.

We strive to see urgent physician consultation requests within one or two weeks (please have your doctor call our office if urgent) and allow patients to self-schedule online (click Appointments) within 3-4 weeks.


We're good at identifying the causes of and treating rashes of all types from dry skin and eczema to psoriasis to itches-with-no-rash and even blistering skin conditions.

growths & Cancers

We diagnose and treat multiple types of skin growths and cancers.  These can range from painful skin tags & cysts, to common skin cancers including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.  We use a variety of surgical and non-surgical approaches. 

All Ages
All Colors

We enjoy treating patients of all ages from newborn babies to seniors.  If you are a teenager, we'll even ask you how your grades are!  We have worked around the world and are comfortable with skin from every "corner" of the globe!