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Drs. Master, Carlos and ARNP Schuringa welcome you.

Dermatology Services

We are primarily a medical and surgical dermatology practice located on “doctor row” at the corner of 116th Ave. NE and NE 12th near downtown Bellevue. We use a variety of approaches to allow you to achieve your most natural, beautiful, healthy self. Our staff and practitioners are kind, gentle, attentive, funny (well, sometimes!!), and are even said to be loving.

We are parents, and siblings, and children, and neighbors, and classmates, and teachers, and students. We are deeply connected to our community and support local businesses big and small. We’ve trained at (and even teach at) UW. We fly Alaska Airlines on Boeing planes. We shop at Nordstroms, and at Costco, and well, yes, Amazon. We use Microsoft products, and play games on Xbox from Bungie and Valve and Pokemon. We drink Starbuck’s Coffee, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, and Aditi Chai! We belong to your community and you are also part of ours.

We are one of a few select small, independent dermatology practices dedicated to caring for patients how we think you should be cared for. We’re curious about the details related to your skin condition and will collaborate with you to investigate your best path.


We serve patients with many forms of insurance coverage, and even those without insurance.  Below are a few insurance plans with which our dermatologists are contracted.  If your plan is not included below, our dermatologists are still able to serve you, and can help with paperwork submissions for your insurance company.  

Please check your insurance company and their website to see if our dermatologists are within network for your specific plan. You may alternatively call your insurance company for additional details relating to your coverage.  Our dermatologists offer a significant discount for self-pay and other patients when the balance is paid in full on the day of service.

We are in-network with many plans offered by these companies.  Please check with your carrier for your specific benefits.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield



First Choice

Group Health (PPO plans)

Healthcare Management Administrators (HMA)




Medicare Supplements (ie: AARP)

Premera (Including some plans with UW Medicine and Evergreen Health)

Regence (including some plans with UW Medicine and Evergreen Health)

Signal Health

United Healthcare (excluding Community Health plans)

Samir Master, MD, MBA

 Dr. Samir Master, Dermatologist

Dr. Samir Master, Dermatologist

Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa
First moved to Seattle: 1993

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Our Mission

Dermatology Arts’ mission drives us to create long lasting relationships through which we provide our patients quality medical and surgical dermatologic care. We individualize treatments, meet each patient’s unique needs, respect financial and insurance constraints, and honor sound personal requests.  You will receive courteous, respectful, compassionate care focused on creating understanding of your condition and agreement for the treatment path.  We work closely with patients during initial visits, and then space appointments further apart once you've achieved your treatment goals.  We are distinguished by our focus on medical and medical-surgical dermatology services.

Founded in 2011, Dermatology Arts is one of the most respected and consistently top-rated dermatology practices in Washington.




For the eighth year running, Dermatology Arts has one of the highest five-star verified patient ratings in Washington State! We’re humbled by this recognition and work harder because of it!

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