How do I make an appointment?

The easiest way to book an appointment with us is via a link on our own web site. Our scheduling portal shows all of our availability including last minute openings. We also use a third-party service called ZocDoc, but they charge us $30 a booking whether you come to see us or not. Please help us to save this charge by booking directly through our site.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Patient access for appointments is very important to us; we decided some time back that it wasn't right to be proud that we were booked three months out! We've taken ideas and solutions from the tech industry to help you be seen in a timely manner--we can sometimes even see you today!   

Do you offer Telehealth or Teledermatology?

Yes, we do! We have chosen a technology platform that charges the patient $15; the remainder of the office visit is charged to insurance. We currently only offer the service for existing patients.

Do you normally run on time?

We do not overbook our schedules--we value your time as we do our own. We ask that you bring a little understanding and compassion--if another patient has an unexpected or serious problem, or is frail or elderly, you may be delayed if we take a little extra time to care for them.  If you are late to your appointment, everyone else for the rest of the day will also be late.  

Will you do my procedure at the first visit?

We understand your time is valuable, and we’ll do our best to accomplish your objectives in a timely manner. For procedures requiring special set up, surgical planning, or even insurance verification, we will encourage you to have the procedure with adequate planning time. Typically, if its been more than six months since we’ve seen you, you shouldn’t expect that we can perform a surgery the first visit back. We will need to see you for a per-operative consultation visit before scheduling any surgery.

What should I bring to my APPOINTMENT?

Please remember to download and complete the new patient paperwork linked below and bring it with you along with your ID and insurance cards. Remember also to bring all medications, lotions and other treatments you have been using. Plan to check in for your first appointment 15 minutes before the appointment time 

What if I don’t speak English?

Our team can help many patients who speak English, Spanish, German, Gujarati, Hindi, and Mandarin. We strongly encourage patients needing communication assistance to bring a friend of family member to their appointment, sometimes if only to help remember the instructions provided. If further accommodation is required, please contact our office by phone at 425-753-2918.


How do I request my records?

To send your prior records to us, or to have us send your records elsewhere, please look for the right form at the bottom of each page, complete and sign the form, and then email the form to:

fax @

We will work to complete your request within three business days. We generally send each patient’s primary care provider a brief note summarizing the first visit.

You can also directly access your records and communicate with your providers through our patient portal.

Will you take my insurance?

We ask for your insurance information when you book an appointment to help you answer this question. Please make sure that you’ve given us the correct your insurance information when booking by phone or online. Because networks and plans are frequently changing (particularly at the start of a year), it really helps if you contact your insurance company directly to understand your benefits.

We can’t always, but will try to call you if you’ve booked sufficiently in advance and we don’t seem to have the correct information. 

what if i don’t have Any insurance?

Insurance and government regulations require that we offer even pricing to our customers. We can, however, offer everyone who pays on the day of their service a “payment at time of service” discount. We require a $125 deposit from self-pay patients at the time of their appointment for their visit. Any procedure will be charged separately, and collected immediately following your appointment. Any discount is applied only to non-cosmetic charges.

Will I have to get undressed?

Dermatologists are uniquely blessed to generally directly see the skin and any skin problems. To best see and examine your skin, we may have you change into a gown, you may leave your undergarments on, and during the exam, you’ll have a chaperone in the room unless you’ve requested otherwise.

What if I need to Cancel my appointment?

Please let us know two days in advance so that we may accommodate another patient. A very small number of patients who consistently miss appointments have led to our implementing a “no-show/late cancellation” fee of $50 for appointments that are missed or cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.